Kerala inks pact with UN Women

The Kerala State Government recently signed an agreement with the United Nations women to increase the role of women in the tourist industry of the state. Under the agreement, the Responsible Tourism Mission is to be implemented in the state. It will be a gender-inclusive mission. The mission will promote women-friendly tourist spots.

What is the role of women in tourism?

The role of men and women in the tourism sector in India is different. Traditionally, men in tourist spots are involved in high-paying jobs. On the other hand, women are involved in low-skill and low-paid work. Most women in Indian tourist spots are involved in the hospitality sector, cooking, cleaning, homestay services, shops, etc. This is mainly because of the difference in literacy level. The situation prevails even in Kerala, the state with the highest literacy levels.

What is UN Women saying about developing Women in tourism?

  • Women should be placed at the centre of labour policies
  • Women tourism enterprises should be targeted and their financing should be boosted
  • Women tourism enterprises should be identified at the earliest and integrated with national and international tourism chain
  • Data collection in tourism should be sex-disaggregated
  • Include women in all stages of decision making



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