Karnataka to get India’s first Marina

Marina is a specially designed place of pleasure for small boats and yachts. The Chief Minister of Karnataka recently announced that the first Marina of India will be constructed in Byndoor, Udupi district, Karnataka. He announced this while addressing a function “Seven Wonders of Karnataka” organized by the Tourism department.


The project will help in boosting coastal tourism. Marina provides active and passive recreation. The beach in Byndoor is called Someshwara beach. The place has several tourist attractions such as Koosalli waterfalls, Kshitija Nesara Dharma, Sri Seneshwara Temple, butterfly camp, etc. The place has been facing poor revenue collection due to very less developmental activities. The launch of the Marina in the place is expected to boost tourism and increase employment and tax collection.


According to the tourism ministry, India has the potential to earn 250 billion USD from tourism. It can generate 137 million jobs. If the reach is right, tourist spots in India can attract 25 million foreigners. To extract the complete tourism potential of India, Government has taken several measures. During the G20 summit, models of the tourist spots were created and exhibited to foreign delegates. The venue of the summit was carefully chosen from major tourist spots, especially the places with high cultural heritage value. The leaders attending the summit were toured around the cultural heritage places.



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