INST synthesizes Compound to lower the spread of Cancer cells

The researchers at the Institute of Nano Science and Technology at Mohali have developed a hybrid compound to slow down the spread of cancer cells


The compound developed will open new avenues for anti-tumour applications. The solid compound developed is an inorganic salt of phophomolybdic acid. The compound belongs to Polyoxymetalates. The family of Polyoxymetalates were earlier identified to have anti-tumour potential.

About the invention

The researchers developed the compound through hydrothermal method. The compound invented can be used to treat liver, lung and breast cancer.

Hydrothermal Method

Hydrothermal Method is a process conducted through chemical reaction. The reaction takes place in water. During the reaction, water is held in a sealed pressure vessel.

The term Hydrothermal is of Geologic origin.

Hydrothermal in Geology

Hydrothermal Circulation is the circulation of hot water. It occurs near source of heat in the earth’s crust, that is, usually in the vicinity of volcanic activities.

Hydrothermal circulation also occurs through the passage of water through mid-oceanic ridge systems.


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