Food Processing Industries to remain open during extended Lock Down

On April 21, 2020, Government of India announced that food processing industries, caregivers of senior citizens and prepaid mobile charging units are to remain open during extended lock down.


The Ministry of Home Affairs recently issued guidelines for the categories to remain open during extended lock down. According to the guidelines, the states were instructed to clarify the guidelines to the implementing district authorities. Some of the states failed to comply with the guidelines. An inter-ministerial committee was formed to assess these states. The Committee is currently visiting Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh.

What is the issue?

The guidelines have mentioned social sector clause and failed to define the clause in detail. This is creating differences. Hence, the centre has clarified that this clause includes supply of essential goods such as food processing units, milk processing, flour mills, bed side attendants and caregivers to senior citizens are exempted from lock down.

Other Guidelines

The Guidelines issued are as follows

  • The areas such as entrance gates, meeting rooms, conference rooms, washrooms, toilets, water points, walls are to be disinfected.
  • Special transportation facility should be provided to workers coming from outside
  • The vehicles entering the premises should be disinfected
  • Provisions for sanitizers with touch free mechanism should be provided.
  • Gathering of more than 10 people is not allowed


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