India’s first Biomass-based hydrogen plant

India’s first commercial-scale biomass-based hydrogen plant will be constructed in Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh.

About Biomass-based hydrogen plant

  • From 30 tonnes of biomass feedstock, Biomass-based hydrogen plant will produce a tonne of hydrogen per day.
  • It will also produce biochar and methane.
  • It will be put up with an investment of Rs 24 crore.

Who will put up the plant?

The plant is being put up by Watomo Energies Ltd in association with Biezel Green Energy.

Watomo Energies

Watomo Energies is headquartered in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. Watomo Energies is a ‘consulting, implementation, marketing, and project management company’. It is more like a farmer-producer organization.

Biezel Green

Biezel Green is a company promoted by Prof Preetam Singh, from IIT BHU. It is the technology partner, owning the technology for ‘thermally accelerated anaerobic digestion (TAD) reactor’. The reactor can produce methane, hydrogen, and biochar from biomass. Biezel Green will own 50 per cent in the joint venture. While, 50 per cent will come from interested farmers.

Who is Prof Preetam Singh?

Prof Preetam Singh was a student of Prof John Goodenough. He won Nobel Prize in 1999 for his discovery of Lithium-ion chemistry for batteries.

How hydrogen is produced from Biomass?

Hydrogen is produced from Biomass through Biomass gasification process. It is a mature technology pathway, which uses a controlled process involving steam, heat, and oxygen for converting biomass in to hydrogen, without combustion. The net carbon emissions in this process are low, because growing biomass removes carbon dioxide from atmosphere.

What is Biomass?

Biomass is a renewable organic resource. It includes agriculture crop residues (like wheat straw or corn stover), special crops grown for energy use (like switchgrass or willow trees) forest residues, animal waste and organic municipal solid waste. This renewable resource can be used for produce hydrogen, and by-products.



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