Indian Navy’s Operational Demonstration at Sindhudurg Fort

On December 4, 2023, the Indian Navy is set to showcase its operational prowess and capabilities through a spectacular ‘Operational Demonstration’ at the iconic Sindhudurg Fort on the western seaboard of India. Hosted by Admiral R Hari Kumar, Chief of the Naval Staff, the event will unfold a spectrum of naval operations by both ships and aircraft.

Historical Significance of Sindhudurg Fort

Built in 1660 by the Maratha Ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the Sindhudurg Fort stands as a testament to India’s rich maritime history. This event aims to celebrate this history and move away from colonial practices.

Commemorating Navy Day and “Operation Trident”

Coinciding with Navy Day on December 4th, the event commemorates “Operation Trident,” the audacious 1971 Navy attack on Karachi harbour. The Operational Demonstration serves as a tribute to the valour, courage, and resolve of naval personnel who achieved the impossible under adverse circumstances.

Displays During the Event

The operational demonstration will feature 20 warships and 40 aircraft, including the MiG 29K and LCA Navy. A major highlight will be the combat beach reconnaissance and assault demonstration by the Marine Commandos of the Indian Navy.

The event is not only for government officials and military dignitaries but will also be witnessed by the local populace. A live telecast will further allow the general public and online viewers to witness the Indian Navy’s state-of-the-art ships and aircraft.

Aside from the dynamic operational displays, the event will include performances by the Naval Band, a continuity drill, and a hornpipe dance by the SCC cadets. The grand finale will involve the illumination of ships at anchorage, followed by a laser show at Sindhudurg Fort.

Unprecedented Mega Event

This marks the first time the Indian Navy is organizing such a mega event away from any major naval station. Sindhudurg Fort’s location, 550 km from Mumbai and 135 km from the naval station at Goa, emphasizes the concerted efforts by the Navy, State Government, and local administration to showcase these extraordinary events.



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