India-WHO engages National Polio Surveillance Network for COVID-19

On April 16, 2020, India joined hands with World Health Organization to implement National Polio Surveillance Network to contain COVID-19. Along with COVID-19, the team will also be involved to support elimination of tuberculosis and other diseases.


With National Polio Surveillance Project, India eliminated polio in 2014. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare along with World Health Organization is to now use the project to control the spread of COVID-19.

National Polio Surveillance Project

The Project was launched in 1997. It was collaboration between Indian Government and WHO. The project aimed to cover 100% of immunization in the country. The project worked with the help of UNICEF, Rotary international and launched large scale immunization programme.

In 2009, India accounted to 50% of world polio cases. The disease was controlled through intensive awareness campaigns. The false beliefs among citizens that polio vaccine causes impotency in children was removed through campaigns.


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