Polio eradication

What is significance of finding of first case of polio in US in a decade?

Recently, the first case of Polio was reported in United States, nearly after a decade. An unvaccinated young adult from New York contracted polio and has developed paralysis. He developed symptoms around June 2022, even though he did not travel ..



October 24: World Polio Day

Every year, World Polio Day is celebrated on October 24. The day is celebrated to highlight the global efforts towards polio-free world. Also, the day encourages the use of polio vaccines. Highlights According to WHO, the polio cases have decreased ..


India-WHO engages National Polio Surveillance Network for COVID-19

On April 16, 2020, India joined hands with World Health Organization to implement National Polio Surveillance Network to contain COVID-19. Along with COVID-19, the team will also be involved to support elimination of tuberculosis and other diseases. Highlights With National ..


National Immunization Day observed in India

On January 19, 2020, the National Immunization Day (NID) was observed all over India as a part of Pulse Polio Programme, 2020. Around 17.4 crore children of age less than 5 hears were administered polio drops to sustain polio eradication ..


Pakistan to import polio markers from India

The Pakistan Government decided to import Polio markers from India recently. The Government had suspended the trade with New Delhi for months after abrogation of Article 370. Highlights There are three countries in the world where Polio is still endemic. ..


World Polio Day Observed On 24 October

The World Polio Day (WPD) is observed every year on 24 October by the World Health Organization (WHO) to create awareness about the hazards of the crippling disease. The day also observed to commemorate the birth of American medical researcher ..