Inauguration of Hamfest India 2023

The two-day national convention, Hamfest India 2023, was inaugurated by Shri Devusinh Chauhan, the Minister of State for Communications, at Vigyan Bhawan, Science City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, on November 25, 2023.

Hamfest India 2023: A Comprehensive Platform

Hamfest India 2023 serves as a comprehensive platform for amateur radio enthusiasts, bringing together technical workshops, stalls showcasing innovations, a trade show, flea market, and various activities tailored for HAMs. The event fosters connection among HAMs, offering opportunities for face-to-face meetings and providing insights into the latest communication techniques and technological advancements.

Cultural Programs and Historic Significance

Beyond technical engagements, the event integrates cultural programs and photo sessions, enhancing the overall experience for participants. Hamfest India 2023 holds historical significance as the largest gathering of Indian HAMs, dating back to its inception in 1991. It symbolizes the vibrant community of amateur radio operators in India and continues to play a crucial role in fostering innovation, knowledge sharing, and community building.

Amateur Radio (HAM Radio): A Unique Hobby

Amateur radio, or HAM radio, is a popular hobby involving the use of radio frequency spectrum for non-commercial purposes. HAM operators engage in diverse activities such as contests, emergency communication support, experimentation, technical learning, and community engagement. The hobby offers a blend of technical learning, global connectivity through radio waves, and a strong emphasis on innovation and service.



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