I&B Ministry advisory on reportage of Violence

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in India has issued an advisory to television channels warning against reporting incidents of accidents, deaths, and violence in a way that may compromise “good taste and decency.” This advisory comes after several instances of lack of discretion by television channels were noticed by the ministry.

Details of the Advisory

According to the ministry’s statement, television channels have been observed to show “dead bodies of individuals and images or videos of injured persons with blood splattered around, people, including women, children and elderly being beaten mercilessly in close shots, continuous cries and shrieks of a child being beaten by a teacher, shown repeatedly over several minutes including circling the actions thereby making it even more ghastly, without taking the precaution of blurring the images or showing them from long shots.” The ministry emphasized that the manner in which such incidents are reported is distasteful and distressing for the audience.

Impact on Different Audience Segments

The advisory also highlighted the impact that such graphic reporting can have on various audience segments. It noted that such reports can have an adverse psychological impact on children and that there is also a crucial issue of invasion of privacy, which could be potentially maligning and defamatory.

Responsibility of Broadcasters

The ministry emphasized that television, as a platform typically watched by families in households with people from all different age groups and socio-economic backgrounds, places a sense of responsibility and discipline on broadcasters. The advisory pointed out that these responsibilities are outlined in the Programme Code and the Advertising Code.

Use of Social Media Videos

The ministry also observed that in many cases, the videos being shown on television are taken from social media and broadcast without editorial discretion or modifications to ensure compliance with the Programme Code.

Overall, the advisory issued by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting serves as a reminder of the need for discretion and sensitivity in reporting incidents of accidents, deaths, and violence. Such graphic reporting can have a negative impact on the audience and can also potentially invade the privacy of individuals involved. It is important for broadcasters to adhere to the Programme Code and the Advertising Code in order to ensure responsible and ethical reporting.



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