IAF Deploys S-400 Missile Squadrons Along Border with China and Pakistan

In a significant move to bolster its defense capabilities, the Indian Air Force has deployed three S-400 air defense missile squadrons along its borders with China and Pakistan. This strategic deployment marks a crucial step in enhancing India’s national security.

Finalizing Delivery Schedule for Remaining Squadrons

Indian and Russian officials are set to meet soon to finalize the delivery schedule for the remaining two S-400 missile squadrons. Back in 2018-19, India entered into an agreement with Russia to procure S-400 missiles valued at approximately ₹35,000 crore. The initial agreement specified the delivery of five squadrons of S-400 missiles to India. However, the delivery of the last two squadrons was delayed due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Operational Deployment and Focus

The three squadrons that have already been delivered are now operationalized in vital sectors. One of these squadrons is designated to cover both the China and Pakistan fronts, while the remaining two have been earmarked for specific areas along these borders. Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, India remains committed to securing the final delivery of the two S-400 squadrons.

Challenges Amidst Ongoing Conflict

The delivery of the remaining two S-400 squadrons to India faced hindrances due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. These squadrons, originally intended for India, were temporarily repurposed by the Russians for their own use in the conflict against Ukraine. While there is uncertainty surrounding the final delivery timelines, Indian authorities are steadfast in their efforts to acquire and integrate these advanced air defense systems into their arsenal.

Advancements in Indian Defense

In a separate development, the Indian Defence Acquisition Council recently approved the procurement of the Indian Long Range Surface Air Missile system, a crucial component of Project Kusha. This decision followed the approval of the project by the Cabinet Committee on Security. The Indian Air Force is collaborating with the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) to expedite the delivery schedule of the Long Range Surface Air Missile (LR-SAM) system, a three-layered long-range surface-to-air missile defense system capable of intercepting enemy aircraft and missiles at ranges of approximately 400 kilometers. This advancement is expected to significantly enhance India’s air defense capabilities.



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