Gujarat Budget 2023-24

The Finance Minister of Gujarat Kanubhai Desai presented a State Budget of Rs 3.01 lakh crores recently in the legislative assembly. This is 23% higher than the previous year’s budget. No new taxes were introduced, Several schemes were announced during the budget and the schemes were part of the 2022 election promises made by the BJP. 17.76% of the total budget allocation was made to the agriculture department. 21.36% for education; 15.08% for Energy; 8.71% for transport; 5.49% on social services; 8.54% on health and family welfare; 15.43% on water supply and urban; 5.89% on social welfare and nutrition

Key Highlights

  • Five high-speed corridors: Rs 1,500 crores
  • Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya – MA: Doubled to Rs 10 lakhs from Rs 5 lakhs
  • Rs 18,000 crores allocated for the Ahmedabad Metro train project
  • Rs 10,000 crores for eco-tourism and heritage
  • Two gas cylinders free of cost to 30 lakh families every year
  • Rs 905 crores for metro projects in Ahmedabad
  • Rs 1415 crores to build the Bhadhut reservoir
  • Rs 150 crores to develop Sabarmati riverfront
  • Rs 640 crores to develop new fishing ports
  • Rs 76 crores to develop GIFT city
  • Rs 27 crores for GIR sanctuary; Two more lion safaris will be added

Way ahead

  • The state government will spend Rs 5 lakh crores in the next five years



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