Heritage Conservation: Ahmedabad Model

Ahmedabad is situated at the heart of Gujarat. The city is deeply rooted in tradition. Ahmedabad is now recognised as the world heritage city by UNESCO. The considerable effort made by the city municipal corporation to preserve, maintain and promote its heritage resources has made a significant contribution in getting the recognition from UNESCO. Rich Heritage of […]


India’s Ship breaking Industry and Recent Draft Law

Ship breaking or Ship recycling is a process of breaking of ships after the end of their life cycle. Ship breaking allows the materials from ship, primarily steel, to be recycled and lower the demand of Iron ore. This is considered to be one of the most hazardous industries and too much labour intensive. Location […]

Gujarati Literature

The important figures and facts in Gujarat Literature for General Knowledge are as follows: Acharya Hemachandra Though the history of Gujarati Literature can be traced to as back as 1000AD; the discussion starts with Acharya Hemachandra (1089–1172), the great Jain scholar, poet, and polymath. He was trained in religious discourse, philosophy, logic and grammar and […]