Greenwashing TechSprint

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has recently opened a window to permit all India-based firms and innovators to take part in Global Financial Innovation Network’s first-ever Greenwashing TechSprint.

The Role of GFIN

GFIN, a renowned international organization, is hosting the Greenwashing TechSprint. Comprising regulators and experts from various countries, GFIN is dedicated to fostering financial innovation and addressing critical challenges in the financial sector.


The TechSprint event provides a unique platform for participants to work alongside regulatory experts, stakeholders, and professionals from around the world, facilitating valuable collaborations and knowledge exchange.

Focus on Sustainable Finance

The central focus of the TechSprint is sustainable finance. As the world increasingly emphasizes ESG considerations, it becomes crucial to develop effective tools that can identify and mitigate the risks of greenwashing. The TechSprint aims to drive innovation in this domain and enhance the credibility of sustainable financial services.

Hosted by Financial Conduct Authority

The virtual TechSprint will be hosted by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). As a leading regulatory body, the FCA ensures the integrity of the UK’s financial markets and promotes fair and transparent practices. Its involvement highlights the significance of the TechSprint and its potential impact on the financial sector.

Objective of the TechSprint

The primary objective of the TechSprint is to develop a robust tool that can help regulators and the market effectively tackle the risks associated with greenwashing. By fostering collaboration and innovation, the TechSprint strives to create solutions that enhance transparency and promote sustainable finance practices.



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