GK & Current Affairs: September 5, 6, 2014

1. Who among the following has won the Karmaveer Chakra Award and the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship by iCONGO?
[A]Medha Patkar
[B]Arundhati Roy
[C]Manjulatha Kalanidhi
[D]Kaku Nakhate

Manjulatha Kalanidhi
Manjulatha Kalanidhi is a 38 year old Hyderabad, pioneered the Rice Bucket Challenge based on the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, has been honoured with the award. iCONGO is an international confederation of NGOs and the UN.

2. Which among the following is a contraceptive drug for elephants, that has been recently banned by Supreme Court?
[A]Porcine Zona Pellucida vaccine
[B]Leptospirosis vaccine
[C]West Nile Virus vaccine
[D]Freund’s Modified Complete Adjuvant(FMA)

Porcine Zona Pellucida vaccine

3. World’s largest producer of Maize is __?


4. What are the names of two Operations launched by Army to deal with floods at J&K?
[A]Operation Megh Rahat and Operation Sahayata
[B]Operation Rahat and Operation Megh Sahayata
[C]Operation Megh Suraksha and Operation Megh Sahayata
[D]Operation Megh Bachav and Operation Megh Aaram

Operation Megh Rahat and Operation Sahayata
Operation Megh Rahat and Operation Sahayata are the two programs launched by Armed forces to rescue people from difficult flooded areas.

5. Parimarjan Negi is a famous __?
[A]Chess player
[D]Badminton player

Chess player
Parimarjan Negi is a second youngest chess Grandmaster from India. He earned his third and final International Master norm at the Sort International tournament, Spain in 2005.

6. Who has been appointed as the first woman chairperson of IIAS -Indian Institute of Advanced Study?
[A]Mridula Chatterjee
[B]Kanchan Trivedi
[C]Mamta Sharma
[D]Chandrakala Padia

Chandrakala Padia
Chandrakala Padia presently is working as Vice-Chancellor of Maharaja Ganga Singh University in Bikaner and is succeeding former West Bengal Governor Gopalkrishna Gandhi for the top post.

7. Indian Army’s Lt Colonel Sudhakar Jayant has recently done India proud by winning the gold medal for the third time at Denmark. He is related to which among the following sports / athletic events?

Lt Colonel Sudhakar Jayant won gold medal at the IWF World Masters Weightlifting Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark this September. This is his third gold medal.

8. Boko Haram-the deadly terror group in Nigeria has recently declared an Islamic Caliphate in a small town in the country which has been wrestled back by the armed forces. What is the name of the place?
[A]Gwoza town
[B]Bama town
[C]Haduza town
[D]Gwoi town

Gwoza town
Nigerian Army has repelled the attack and has won back the town of Gwoza from Boko Haram fighters.

9. What is the name of the new satellite developed by NASA to predict the frequency of occurrence of droughts in the world?

SMAP-Soil Moisture Active Passive Satellite can help measure the occurrence of droughts and help farmers to increase their crop productivity by timely information.

10. Which reality show of Doordarshan has made its way to the Limca Book of records?
[A]Naad Bhed
[B]Naat Bhed
[C]Nritya Bhed
[D]Bhaav Bhed

Naad Bhed
It is a classical music reality show will be seen on the Television Chapter in the Book as being the first of its kind to give a boost to the classical music.

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    Is it Parimanjan Negi or Parimarjan Negi about whom you have dealt in ques. no. 5 ?