GK & Current Affairs Quiz: September 27, 2018

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1. The Nelson Mandela Decade of Peace declared by United Nations recently is___:

[A] 2019 to 2028
[B] 2020 to 2029
[C] 2021 to 2030
[D] 2022 to 2031

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2. On which date, the first-ever International Day of Sign Languages (IDSL-2018) was observed recently?

[A] September 24
[B] September 25
[C] September 23
[D] September 26

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3. Which IIT has developed a community supported supply of purified drinking water project in Bengal District?

[A] IIT Kharagpur
[B] IIT Bombay
[C] IIT Madras
[D] IIT Kanpur

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4. What is the purpose of Justice Amitava Roy committee constituted by Supreme Court recently?

[A] Reforms in Tax Laws of India
[B] Prison Reforms
[C] Police and Public Order Reforms
[D] Executive-Legislative Relations reforms

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5. What is the India’s rank for investment in health care and education, according to the first-ever scientific study by Seattle-based Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)?

[A] 168th
[B] 178th
[C] 188th
[D] 158th

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6. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) & Red Cross have recently signed pact to support humanitarian efforts in which of the following countries?

[A] Yemen
[B] Myanmar
[C] Congo
[D] All of the above

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7. Which country is host to the Interfaith Alliance Forum 2018?

[A] Iran
[B] Israel
[C] India

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8. The famous Indra Jatra festival 2018 has started in which country?

[A] India
[B] Bhutan
[C] Nepal
[D] Sri Lanka

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9. Which air pollution control device has recently launched by the Union Government for traffic junctions?


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10. India has decided to organise ‘Gandhi March’ in which country?

[A] Netherlands
[B] Australia
[C] South Africa
[D] Kenya

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