GK & Current Affairs Quiz: December 12, 2018

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1. The Central Government contribution in National Pension Scheme (NPS) has raised to how much percentage from the existing 10%?

[A] 14%
[B] 15%
[C] 16%
[D] 13%

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2. Which of the following district Courts will become the first in India to accept e-payments?

[A] Delhi
[B] Pune
[C] Kolkata
[D] Chennai

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3. Which state tourism of India has hosted the first-ever AdventureNext 18 in Asia?

[A] Rajasthan
[B] Mizoram
[C] Madhya Pradesh
[D] Telangana

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4. On which date, the 2018 International Anti-Corruption Day is observed?

[A] December 10
[B] December 9
[C] December 11
[D] December 12

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5. Which of the following has become the new district of Arunachal Pradesh?

[A] Lepa Rada
[B] Pakke-Kessang
[C] Manigong
[D] Shi Yomi

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  • Ajay paul

    From where do you collect these current affairs, please do let me know,so that i can answer them correctly.

  • Dev

    question no.5
    answer should be updated as the latest district of arunachal pradesh is
    ‘lepa Rada’

  • Vittal

    Thank you sir

  • Gayithri

    Super sir .tq for Ur contribution like this .quiz is so useful us

  • sangita

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