GK & Current Affairs Quiz: August 27, 2019

1. The UNCCD’s Conference Of Parties (COP 14) is being held in which country?

[A] Israel
[B] New Zealand
[C] China
[D] India

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2. Project SU.RE (Sustainable Resolution) is associated to which field?

[A] Fashion Industry
[B] Film Industry
[C] Jute Industry
[D] Cotton Industry

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3. The National Centre for Avian Ecotoxicology has come up in which city?

[A] Chennai
[B] Kochi
[C] Coimbatore
[D] Bengaluru

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4. Who has been chosen for the ‘Eminent Engineer Award for the Year 2019’ by the Institution of Engineers (India)?

[A] P S Juneja
[B] Prabhakar Singh
[C] Tulsi Verma
[D] Jitendra Sharma

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5. The researchers at which IIT has produce collagen from waste eel skin?

[A] IIT-Hyderabad
[B] IIT-Indore
[C] IIT-Kanpur
[D] IIT-Delhi

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