GK & Current Affairs Quiz: August 03, 2018

1. Which state has become the first Indian state to implement the National policy on bio fuels?

[A] Kerala
[B] Jharkhand
[C] Rajasthan
[D] Punjab

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2. What is the current repo rate, as per 3rd bi-monthly monetary policy review for of 2018-19 of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?

[A] 6.50%
[B] 6.00%
[C] 6.25%
[D] 6.75%

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3. Which Indian-Australian mathematician has bestowed with the prestigious 2018 Fields medal?

[A] C.S. Seshadri
[B] Akshay Venkatesh
[C] Calyampudi Radha krishna
[D] Narendra Karmarkar

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4. Umbayee, the noted ghazal singer and composer has passed away. He belonged to which state?

[A] Uttar Pradesh
[B] Assam
[C] Madhya Pradesh
[D] Kerala

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5. Dr Bhishma Narain Singh, who passed away recently, was associated with which political party?


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6. Which state government has launched a 360 degree nation-wide publicity campaign publicity campaign for 2018 men’s hockey World Cup?

[A] Maharashtra
[B] Goa
[C] Odisha
[D] West Bengal

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7. What is the India’s rank in the United Nation’s E-Government Development Index (EGDI) 2018?

[A] 100th
[B] 88th
[C] 75th
[D] 96th

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8. Which union ministry has launched a desktop software ‘e-Aksharayan’ to enable editing of text printed on scanned documents?

[A] Ministry of Human Resource Development
[B] Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
[C] Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
[D] Ministry of Science and Technology

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9. Which Indian personality has won the 2018 International Contributions Award given by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT), USA?

[A] K Anvar Sadath
[B] Kapil Bansal
[C] Harish Bhatt
[D] P S Mohan

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10. Which country has recently launched amnesty programme for foreign workers overstaying permits?

[A] Iran
[C] Israel
[D] Jordon

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