GK & Current Affairs: June 15, 16, 2015

1. Which country has been named the most peaceful country in the world?
[D]New Zealand
Answer: Iceland
Iceland was named the most peaceful country in the world, followed by Denmark, Austria, New Zealand and Switzerland. Syrian has been ranked lowest in the list due to ongoing civil war in the country. The index has been prepared by analyzing 23 different types of data in 162 countries during the last eight years, focusing on the level of security, inbound and outbound conflicts and the degree of militarization in the countries.
2. Who has been chosen for the 2015 Liberty Medal for human right work?
[A]Pandit Ravishankar
[B]Dalai Lama
[C]Edward Snowden
[D]Baba Ramdev
Answer: Dalai Lama
Dalai Lama will be the recipient of the 2015 Philadelphia’s Liberty Medal for his efforts to promote compassion and human rights around the globe. The medal is presented annually by the National Constitution Center to individuals who strive to secure the blessings of liberty to people around the globe. The medal comes with a USD 100,000 cash prize.
3. Luanda, which is voted as worlds costliest city live in, is capital city of which country?
Answer: Angola
Luanda is the capital city of Angola. It has been rated the world’s costliest city to live in, for the third consecutive year. Luanda is followed by Hong Kong (2), Zurich (3), Singapore (4) and Geneva (5) top the list of most expensive cities for expatriates. Tel Aviv (18) continues to be the most expensive city in the Middle East for expatriates. Asian cities dominate the top 10 costliest cities rankings along with major cities in Switzerland in the report. Mumbai has been ranked 74th in the list of most expensive global cities to live in. Mumbai is followed by New Delhi (132) and Chennai (157), which rose in the ranking by 25 and 28 spots, respectively. Bangalore (183) and Kolkata (193), the least expensive Indian cities, climbed in the ranking, as well.
4. Which country is the number one destination for FDI in Europe?
Answer: UK
The UK has maintained number one destination for FDI in Europe after attracting a record number of projects from over 70 countries including India. Investment from India increased by 65 per cent, making it the UK’s third largest source of FDI accounting for over 9,000 new and safeguarded jobs. US remains the largest source of inward investment, with a total of 564 projects in 2014/15, followed by France (124 projects).
5. Who among the following is the Indian American scientist recently awarded Russia’s top technology award?
[A]Jayanat Baliga
[B]Arun Shoury
[C]Vikramjit Chand
[D]Vasanth Balegar
Answer: Jayanat Baliga
Jayanat Baliga, an Indian American scientist has been awarded Russia’s top technology award in honor of his work in energy efficiency. Baliga is being recognized as the inventor of the insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT), which he developed while working at the General Electrical research & development center in New York state in 1983. The IGBT switches energy hundreds of thousands of times a second, raising the efficiency of any equipment manifold, according to the Indo-Asian News Service. The technology Baliga created brought about a revolution in energy management and significant savings in terms of both money and resources. Baliga earned his Bachelor’s in engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras in 1969 before arriving in the United States, where he earned both an M.S. and a Ph.D from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
6. Which state has recently imposed ban on sale of thermocol plates?
[B]West Bengal
Answer: Jharkhand
Jharkhand imposed a ban on the sale of thermocol plates. The move will help generate employment for the poor and tribals who are engaged in making leaf plates.
7. Who has been appointed as president of Japan’s telecommunication giant SoftBank?
[A]Ashok Singh
[B]Nikesh Arora
[C]Sudhir Chandra
[D]Dilip Chaturvedi
Answer: Nikesh Arora
Indian born Nikesh Arora was appointed as president of Japan’s SoftBank. Nikesh Arora is former Google executive.
8. Who is the chairman of the Ad-hoc committee set up for managing boxing in India?
[A]Jay Kowli
[B]Manisha Malhotra
[C]Kishen Narsi
[D]Injeti Srinivas
Answer: Kishen Narsi
Kishen Narsi, an AIBA representative is the chairman of the ad-hoc committee constituted by the International Boxing Association (AIBA) for finding a group which would organise and administrate the sport in India. The other members of the committee are Boxing India secretary General Jay Kowli, former tennis player Manisga Malhotra and SAI DG Injeti Srinivas.
9. Recently, a brightest early galaxy has been named after which football player?
[A]Lionel Messi
[B]Cristiano Ronaldo
[C]Manuel Neuer
Answer: Cristiano Ronaldo
Redshift 7 or CR7, as it’s popularly known, is one of the oldest galaxies in the universe has been named after Portugal captain and the Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The CR7 is said to have existed when the universe was only 800 million years old, i.e. Some 13 billion years ago.
10. Who has been chosen for the Japan’s Fukuoka Prize in the Academic category?
[A]Ramachandra Guha
[B]Somanath Divedi
[C]Arjun Parthasarathi
[D]Krishna Chandramohan
Answer: Ramachandra Guha
Ramachandra Guha, leading Indian historian has been selected for Japan’s prestigious Fukuoka Prize in the Academic category. The other winners of this year award are Thant Myint-U (Grand Prize) and Minh Hanh (Arts and Culture). Fukuoka Prize honours those who have made outstanding contributions to academia, arts and culture across Asia. Previous winners of Fukuoka Awards include Mohammad Yunus, Romila Thapar, Ashis Nandy and Mo Yan.

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