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Sameer Mon is associated with which sports?
[D]Long Jump

Sameer Mon, the famous sprinter from Manipur, has recently won gold in 100 metre dash in 10.60 seconds at the 56th National Inter-state Senior Athletics Championships in Hyderabad. With this, he became the fastest male athlete in India.



Which online grievance redressal portal has been launched by Union Railway ministry for railway employees?

The Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has recently launched NIVARAN portal, an online system for redressal of service related grievance of serving and former railway employees. This online system facilitates the employees to lodge their grievances and also monitor the progress. The system would also provide facility for lodging appeal to the higher authority in case the decision is not found satisfactory. The highest controlling authorities shall also be able to monitor the progress of grievance redressal by field offices.



“Exercise RIMPAC 2016” the multilateral naval exercise has started in which country?
[A]United States
[B]United Kingdom

United States
The 25th edition of Exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2016 has started in Pacific Ocean at Hawaii, United States from June 30, 2016 and will continue till August 4, 2016. In it, 27 countries viz. India, the Philippines, Australia, France, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Tonga, the United Kingdom, etc, are participating. The RIMPAC is the world’s largest international maritime warfare exercise, which provides a platform for multilateral operational interactions aimed at increased interoperability and development of common understanding of procedures for maritime security operations.



Who has been sworn-in as the new President of Philippines?
[A]Jejomar Binay
[B]Benigno Aquino
[C]Rodrigo Duterte
[D]Leni Robredo

Rodrigo Duterte
Rodrigo Duterte, Maverick anti-crime candidate, has been sworn-in as the 16th President of the Philippines, after a landslide election victory in May 2016. He succeeded Benigno S. Aquino III and will have a tenure of 6 years.



How much amount has been approved by World Bank (WB) for technical education quality improvement project in India?
[A]$121.50 million
[B]$201.50 million
[C]$222.50 million
[D]$355.50 million

$201.50 million
The World Bank Board has approved the $ 201.50 million for Technical Education Quality Improvement Project (TEQIP III) in India. The purpose of the project is to increase quality and equity in participating engineering education institutes and to improve the efficiency of the engineering education system in focus states.The maturity period for the project is 25 years with an additional 5 years grace period.



What is the India’s rank in the World Bank’s 2016 Logistics Performance Index (LPI)?

India has been ranked 35th out of 160 countries in the World Bank’s 2016 Logistics Performance Index (LPI). India’s logistics performance at its key international gateways has improved in the last two years from 54 in 2014 to 35 in 2016, which will not only boost programmes, such as Make in India, but also help in increasing trade. The list is topped by Germany, followed by Luxembourg and Sweden. Logistics organises the movement of goods through a network of activities and services operating at global, regional, and local scale. The LPI is the World Bank’s biennial measure of international supply chain efficiency.



The National Doctors’ Day is celebrated on which date in India?
[A]June 30
[B]July 5
[C]July 6
[D]July 1

July 1
The National Doctors’ Day is celebrated every year on July 1 in India to honour the legendary physician and the 2nd Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy. This is a vital day for doctors as it provides them with an opportunity to reflect on their career and remind them about practicing the art and science of Medicine and Surgery in an ethical manner.



The book “The mind of the terrorist: the Psychology of terrorism from the IRA to al-Qaeda” has been authored by whom?
[A]Amitav Ghosh
[B]Ashwin Sanghi
[C]Kunal Basu
[D]Jerrold M. Post

Jerrold M. Post
The book “The mind of the terrorist: the Psychology of terrorism from the IRA to al-Qaeda” has been authored by Dr. Jerrold M. Post. The book is an exceptionally well-written book that makes a significant contribution to the field of counter-terrorism. It is a comprehensive and informative account of the psychology of terrorists and how their history has shaped their motivations.



Ramchandra Chintaman Dhere, who passed away recently, was a famous writer of which language?

Ramchandra Chintaman Dhere (86), the famous Marathi writer, has recently passed away in Pune, Maharashtra. He was known for his exhaustive research in folk literature and bhakti tradition of Maharashtra. His works include Vividh, Gangajali, Dakshinecha Lokdev Khandoba, History of Nath Sampraday, Sri Venkateshwara, etc.



The Kawal Tiger Reserve (KTR) is located in which state of India?

The Kawal Tiger Reserve (KTR) is located at Jannaram mandal of Adilabad district in Telangana. The reserve covers a core area of 892.23 sq km and a buffer zone of 1,123.21 sq km. It is home to many mammal species such as tiger, leopard, gaur, cheetal, sambar, nilgai, barking deer, chowsingha, sloth bear, etc.


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