GK & Current Affairs: February 14, 15, 2014

1. The Loktak lake, which is also called the only Floating lake in the world is in which state?


2. Sage Kotensburg, who won first gold medal at the Sochi winter Olympics, is a player in ___?
[A]Alpine Skiing

Sage Kotsenburg is an American snowboarder. He won the first gold medal in Snowboard Slopestyle at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, and became the first gold medallist at these Olympics.

3. Which of the following committee was set up to probe betting and match fixing in the Indian Premier League?
[A]Mukul Mudgal Committee
[B]Shah Committee
[C]Verma Committee
[D]Shome Committee

Mukul Mudgal Committee

4. The Kuril Islands dispute or Northern Territories dispute, is a dispute between Japan and ___?
[B]South Korea

The Kuril Islands dispute, also known as the Northern Territories dispute, is a dispute between Japan and the Russia.

5. Recently, British scientists have discovered a Canyon deeper than the Grand Canyon under which of the following oceans?
[A]Atlantic Ocean
[B]Pacific Ocean
[C]Antarctica Ocean
[D]Indian Ocean

Antarctica Ocean
A giant valley deeper than the Grand Canyon is buried beneath several miles of glacial ice in West Antarctica, according to a new study by British scientists. The sub-glacial canyon is nearly two miles deep, 200 miles long and 15 miles wide.

6. Stuart Hall, who passed away recently, was a pioneer of ___?
[B]Cultural Studies
[C]Cryogenic Science

Cultural Science
Stuart Hall was a Jamaican-born cultural theorist and sociologist who lived and worked in the United Kingdom from 1951. Hall was one of the founding figures of school of thought that is known as British Cultural Studies. When Stuart Hall came on the scene in the mid-1960s, the study of culture and popular culture in particular, was not taken very seriously. Hall helped change that. He was dubbed the “godfather of multiculturalism” for the huge influence had on academics around the world. He was President of the British Sociological Association 1995-97. Stuart Hall died at 82.

7. Who among the following is the author of the controversial book “The Hindus: An Alternative History”?
[A]Christopher Minkowski
[B]Wendy Doniger
[C]Stanley Wolpert
[D]Thomas Trautmann

Wendy Doniger
United States Indologist Wendy Doniger is the author of the book The Hindus: An Alternative History. Recently, the Penguin Books of India has decided to withdraw copies of the book following a court backed settlement with a Delhi-based voluntary group which had objected to several “inaccuracies and biases” in it.

8. Recently, the International Cricket Council (ICC) voted for a structural revamp, which allow five man executive committee with three permanent seats. The countries with permanent seats in the executive committee are ___?
[A]India, Australia and England
[B]India, England and Sri Lanka
[C]England, Australia and Sri Lanka
[D]India, South Africa and England

India, Australia and England
International Cricket Council proposed a new five executive committee with permanent seats for India, England and Australia. It will make recommendations to the ICC board, which remains decision-making body.

9. According to the latest report on digital governance India was ranked 8th in the list of ten countries. The country which topped the list is ___?

According to a new comparative report by Accenture, Singapore, Norway and the UAE rank first, second and third, respectively among 10 countries in their use of digital government. The ten countries were measured against three criteria-Citizen Service Delivery Experience, Citizen Satisfaction and Service Maturity- and were given a cumulative score from 1 to 10.

10. The Halayeb Triangle is an area of disputed land located on the border between _____?
[A]Egypt and Sudan
[B]North Korea and South Korea
[C]France and Germany
[D]India and Sri Lanka

Egypt and Sudan
The Halayeb Triangle, also sometimes called the Hala’ib Triangle is an area of disputed land located on the border between Egypt and Sudan.

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