General Knowledge and Current Affairs Quiz: December 21-22, 2013

1. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), which is the most polluted city in the world?
[A]Lucknow, Indian
[B]Beijing, China
[C]Mexico City, Mexico
[D]Tokyo, Japan

Mexico City, Mexico
Mexico City has held the dubious distinction for at least four years in a row.

2. Pran Chopra, who passed away recently, was a ___?
[D]Sports man

Pran Chopra was a veteran journalist and first editor of The Statesman newspaper. In 1940s he served All India Radio as a war correspondent in China and Vietnam. He was also worked with The Hindu and other newspapers.

3. Who among the following has won 34th National Archery Championship?
[A]Dola Banerjee
[B]Deepika Kumari
[C]Bombayla Devi
[D]Anitha Kumari

Deepika Kumari
Deepika Kumari won her sixth consecutive title at the 34th National Archery Championship at Jamshedpur while Atanu Das claimed the men’s individual title.

4. The union government has recently cleared a proposal for setting up of National Cancer Institute. The proposed institute would be set up in__?
[C]New Delhi
[D]Himachal Pradesh

The government cleared a proposal for setting up of National Cancer Institute. The cancer institute will be located in Badhsa village in Jhajjar of Haryana, near Delhi and will be completed in a period of 45 months.

5. The “Bhimgad Bat Sanctuary” which is home to endanger Wroughton’s free-tailed bat species is located in which state?
[B]Andhra Pradesh

Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area in the Western Ghats, in Belgaum district of Karnataka. The Bhimgad forests are notable for the Barapede Caves, the only known breeding area of the Wroughton’s free-tailed bat, a threatened species on the verge of extinction.

6. The controversial “Yasuki war shrine” which is in news recently, is located in ____?
[D]South Korea

Yasukuni Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded by Emperor Meiji to commemorate individuals who had died in service of the Empire of Japan during the Meiji Restoration. Recently, tension arose when the sitting PM of Japan, Shizo Abe visited the shrine and paid due respect to the martyred soldiers. This invited strict reactions from both China and South Korea who blamed Japan of trying to revive its militaristic past.

7. Which one of the following is the main aim of the recently launched “E-Inclusion” project?
[A]To provide core bank facility to all post offices
[B]To achieve 100 per cent financial inclusion
[C]To provide IT training for Rural/SC/ST women beneficiaries
[D]To establish ATM kiosks at grama panchayat level

To provide IT training for Rural/SC/ST women beneficiaries
The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, launched the “E-Inclusion: IT Training for Rural SC/ST/Women beneficiaries. The project is part of the government of India’s initiative under the National e-Governance Plan for creating a transparent and accountable governance model for enabling service delivery at the doorstep of citizens.

8. Who among the following has been elected as President of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)?
[A]Jyotsna Suri
[B]Sidharth Birla
[C]Kumar Mangalam
[D]Shekar Chandran

Sidharth Birla
Sidharth Birla was elected as President, FICCI, after the industry chamber‘s 86th annual general meeting. Birla is chairman of Xpro India Ltd, a polymers processing company.

9. The controversial Kishenganga river project is located in which of the following states?
[C]Jammu and Kashmir
[D]Himachal Pradesh

Jammu and Kashmir
The Kishenganga hydroelectric project is located in Jammu and Kashmir. Recently, the International court of arbitration has allowed India to go ahead with construction of the Kishanganga dam, over which Pakistan has raised objection.

10. The Magyars are an ethnic group native to and primarily associated with which country?

Magyars are a nation and ethnic group who speak Hungarian and are primarily associated with Hungary.

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