Current Affairs Quiz : December 1, 2, 2013

1. Which of the following countries has recently displaced India as the topmost country of origin of migrants to UK?

China is now the top country of last residence for immigration to the UK for the first time. India moved down to second place following a statistically significant decrease in the numbers of immigrants from India to the UK, from 61,000 to 37,000 in 2012.

2. According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), which one of the following countries has highest work participation rates for women?

According to the International Labour Organisation, out of 131 countries Norway has highest work participation rates for women. India has ranked 11th from the bottom in female labour force participation.

3. The world’s largest Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project based on CLFR technology is coming up in which state?
[D]Madhya Pradesh

Reliance Power has started pre-commissioning activities for its Concentrated Solar Power project in Rajasthan, Jaisamler district. The project is the world’s largest CSP project based on CLFR technology. The 100 MW CSP plant is being built at a cost of Rs 2,100 crores.

4. Which of the following has been chosen to host the “World Expo Trade Convention” in 2020?

Dubai has been chosen to host the world expo trade convention in 2020-beating off rival bids from Brazil, Turkey and Russia. Dubai will be the first Middle Eastern city to hold the Expo, which takes place every five years. The 2015 Expo takes place in Milan.

5. The 22nd Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting which concluded in Sri Lanka recently, has adopted which of the following three independent declarations?
[A]Youth, International Trade and Inclusive Development
[B]Youth, International Trade and Sustainable Development
[C]Youth, Industry and Environment
[D]Industry, Individual and Development

Youth, International Trade and Inclusive Development

6. Which of the following nation has recently qualified for World T20 Championship for the first time?

Nepal qualified for next year’s ICC World T20 after beating Hong Kong by 5 wickets.

7. Consider the following banks:
1.ABN Amro Bank
2.Barclays Bank
3.Kookmin Bank
Which of the following correctly represents their countries of origin?
[A]Dutch, USA, Japan
[B]Japan, USA, China
[C]Dutch, UK, South Korea
[D]Dutch, USA, China

Dutch, UK, South Korea
ABN Amro is an all-round Dutch bank that offers a full range of products and services to retail, private, commercial and investors. Barclays is a British multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in London, UK. KB Kookmin bank is the largest bank by both asset value and market capitalization in South Korea.

8. Which of the following statements is true about the “Operation Oliver” of coast guard?
[A]It’s a mission to check the Bangladeshi immigrants
[B]It’s a rescue operation conducted to safeguard the Helen hit victims
[C]An annual mission to ensure safety of breeding Olive Ridley sea turtles
[D]A combat exercise to check Naxal operations

An annual mission to ensure safety of breeding Olive Ridley sea turtles
The Operation Oliver is an annual mission to ensure the safe mid-sea sojourn of breeding Olive Ridley sea turtles in Gahirmatha marine sanctuary area of Odisha. It has been launched by coast guard. With round-the-clock vigil, the coast guard is trying to provide adequate protection to the endangered species.

9. Who among the following is the head of the committee constituted by Supreme Court to deal with complaints of sexual harassment within its precincts?
[A]Ranjana Prakash Desai
[B]Gyan Sudha Ratna
[C]Shanta Sinha
[D]Mamatha Sharma

Ranjana Prakash Desai
Supreme Court constituted a 10-member committee headed by its woman judge, Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai, to deal with complaints of sexual harassment within its precincts. The Gender Sensitisation and Internal Complaints Committee (GSICC) has six female members and two members who outsiders and not connected with the apex court in any manner. The panel is in consonance with the guidelines laid down by apex court in its judgment in Vishaka case for dealing with complaints of sexual harassments at workplace.

10. In which of the following countries world’s oldest Buddhist shrine has been discovered recently?
[B]Sri Lanka

Archaeologists in Nepal have discovered traces of a wooden structure dating from the sixth century BC that they believe in the world’s oldest Buddhist shrine. The structure was unearthed inside the sacred Mayadevi Temple in Lumbini.

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