Current Affairs Quiz: November 28-30, 2013

1. Who among the following has recently become UNICEF’s brand ambassador for South Asia?
[A]Amir Khan
[B]Ajay devagan
[C]Sachin Tendulkar
[D]Virat Kohli

Sachin Tendulkar
Recently-retired batting legend Sachin Tendulkar became the UNICEF’s first brand ambassador for South Asia and is all set to work in promoting hygiene and sanitation in the region.

2. The “Panch Prayag” which connotes the five sacred river confluences is in the state of ___?
[A]Himachal Pradesh
[B]Madhya Pradesh
[D]Andhra Pradesh

The Panch Prayag the five sacred river confluence is in the state of Uttarakhand. The five prayags are Vishnu Prayag, Nand Prayag, Karn Prayag, Rudra Prayag and Dev Prayag.

3. The National Tiger Conservation Authority has recently given approval to set up Tiger Reserve in Nagzira, which is located in __?
[C]Tamil Nadu

The National Tiger Conservation Authority has given approval to set up 5th Tiger Reserve in Nagzira, Maharashtra. This reserve would be between Gondia and Bhandra districts, it would be home to surplus tigers from Tadoba.

4. In which of the following states India’s first Synthetic Rubber Plant was launched, recently?
[D]Tamil Nadu

India’s first Synthetic Rubber Plant launched by Veerappa Moily, Union Minister of Petroleum at Panipat in Haryana. Country’s first styrene butadiene rubber (e-SBR) unit was set up by Indian Synthetic Rubber Limited. This will be used for manufacturing of dairy need products and manufacturing automobiles.

5. The “Peace Clause” which is in news recently, is an Agreement on Agriculture related to __?
[A]European Union
[B]World Trade Organisation

World Trade Organisation
The Peace Clause refers to article 13 of the World Trade Organisation’s Agreement on Agriculture. Article 13holds that domestic support measures and export subsidies of a WTO member that are legal under the provisions of the agreement on agriculture cannot be challenged by other WTO members on grounds of being illegal under the provisions of another WTO agreement.

6. Name the Indian Origin who received Asian Lite Professional Excellence Award in UK?
[A]Jaswinder S Bamrah
[B]Jaipal S Singh
[C]Aravind Ramesh
[D]Dinesh Mishra

Jaswinder S Bamrah
Asian Lite Professional Excellence Award in UK Achieved by Jaswinder S Bamrah, Indian origin. He achieved this award for his contribution to the medical field in UK.

7. Which one of the following treaties aims at eliminating the anti-personnel landmines around the world?
[A]Ottawa treaty
[B]Moscow treaty
[C]Geneva treaty
[D]Berlin treaty

Ottawa treaty
The Ottawa treaty or often simply referred to as the Mine Ban Treaty, but officially known as the Convention on the Prohibition and Transfer of Anti-Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their destruction, aims at eliminating anti-personnel landmines around the world.

8. The International lawn tennis player nicknamed as “King of Clay Court”:
[A]Roger Federer
[B]Rafael Nadal
[C]Novak Djokovic
[D]Andrew Murray

Rafael Nadel
Spanish professional tennis player Rafael Nadal has earned the nickname “King of Clay”.

9. Who among the following has been named as new Chief Justice of Pakistan?
[A]Tassaduq Hussain Jillani
[B]Salman Bhatt
[C]Mohammed Khan

Tassaduq Hussain Jillani
Tassaduq Hussain Jillani was named Pakistan’s new Chief Justice of Pakistan, replacing Iftikar Chaudhry. President Mamnoon Hussain approves Jillani’s elevation to the post. His appointment will come into effect from December 12, a day after Chaudhry, the longest serving Chief Justice, retires.

10. In which of the following states the” Sonepur Cattle Fair” Asia’s largest cattle fair has been kicked off, recently?

The Sonepur Cattle Fair or Malegaon Mela is held on Karthika Poornima in the month of November in Sonepur, Bihar, on the confluence of river Ganges and Gandak. Till date, it is the biggest cattle fair of Asia and stretches from fifteen days to one month. It has origins during ancient times. This is when Chandragupta Maurya used to buy elephants and horses across the river Ganges. This year the fair began on November 16.

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