First Commercial Flight from Yemen to Egypt

The first commercial flight from Sanaa Airport, Yemen to Cairo, Egypt has been welcomed by the United Nations. The first commercial flight between both took off on 1st June 2022. This was the seventh flight that was operated under the terms that were brokered by the United Nations for two months of nationwide truce.

How many Yemenis have travelled between Sanaa, Cairo, and Amman?

So far 2,495 Yemenis have travelled between Amman, Sanaa, and Cairo. The UN has extended its thanks to the Yemen and Egyptian governments for providing invaluable support as well as for the constructive role they played to bring about this nationwide truce.

What does the UN say about the humanitarian needs of Yemen?

The United Nations have pointed out that the humanitarian needs of Yemen still remain high. The organization has reported that around 19 million people in Yemen will not have enough food supply for this year, including over 1,60,000 people who will be facing famine-like conditions. Since the beginning of the Yemen Civil War over 4 million people have been displaced across the nation. The UN has reported that there are severe needs across all sectors, that need to be addressed. The aid agencies working in the nation need USD 4.28 billion this year to assist the 17.3 million people living in the country. As of now, only 26 per cent of the fund has been received. Due to this, core programmes such as healthcare, food assistance, and other activities are being scaled down instead of being expanded.

What do you know about the Yemen Civil War?

In 2014, the Yemen civil war erupted after the Houthis seized the capital of the country, Sanaa, and forced the government into exile. In early 2015, the Saudi-led coalition entered the war in a bid to restore the government. Despite daily violations being reported by both sides, major air and ground clashes have reduced and the rebels have stopped their attacks on the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.



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