Delhi Government Allows Registration of All BS VI-Compliant Diesel Vehicles for Inter-State Stage Carriage

The Delhi government has issued an order allowing the registration of all BS VI-compliant diesel vehicles for inter-state stage carriage in the national capital. This decision follows a modification of a previous Supreme Court order on July 24, which now permits the registration of BS VI-compliant diesel vehicles in Delhi, irrespective of their requirement for the G20 summit. The move has been welcomed by transport operators for its potential to reduce emissions and generate revenue for the Delhi government.

What types of vehicles are now allowed registration under the new order issued by the Delhi Transport Department?

The order permits the registration of BS VI-compliant diesel vehicles for inter-state stage carriage, All India Tourist Permit (AITP) holders with a capacity of more than 7+1 persons, coaches, and buses.

How has the decision been received by transport operators, and what benefits do they associate with it?

Transport operators, represented by the Delhi Taxi and Tourist Transporters’ Operators’ Association, have welcomed the decision. They believe it will generate revenue for the Delhi government through vehicle registrations and that the allowed vehicles have lower emissions compared to CNG vehicles, contributing to reduced pollution in the city.

What is the significance of the BS VI compliance in diesel vehicles, and how does it relate to emissions and environmental concerns?

BS VI compliance signifies that diesel vehicles meet stringent emission standards, resulting in lower levels of harmful pollutants being released into the environment. This compliance is seen as an important step in reducing air pollution and improving air quality in urban areas.



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