Delhi: Crime against women rose by 63.3%, so far in 2021

Data shared by Delhi Police shows that, Crime against women in Capital has increased by 63.3% in first six months of 2021 against the crime rate in 2020.

Key Findings

  • As per data, rape cases have increase from 580 in June 2020 to 833 in 2021, accounting for an increase of 43%.
  • Molestation cases have surged from 733 to 1022, accounting for 39% surge for same period.
  • Kidnapping of women have increased from 1,026 to 1,580.
  • Abduction cases increased from 46 to 159,
  • Dowry deaths has also increased from 47 to 56.

Data on Heinous crimes

Heinous crime figure has decreased marginally from 2,436 to 2,315 till June 12, 2021. In first six months of 2021, Delhi recorded seven cases of dacoity, 196 murder, 942 robbery, 295 attempt to murder, 942 robbery, 35 riot cases, and seven kidnapping for ransom. In 2020, Delhi witnessed four cases of dacoity, 226 murder, 701 robbery, 236 attempt to murder, 681 riot cases and eight kidnapping for ransom. Report highlight, number of riot cases has come down significantly over the year.

Data on non-heinous crimes

Number of non-heinous crimes has surged by 8.5%. 1,20,980 cases of non-heinous crime have been reported in 2021 as against 1,11,419 in 2020. Total of 493 cases of hurt were reported, 1173 cases of burglary, 15667 cases of motor vehicle theft and 938 cases of house theft were reported in 2021 as  compared to 421 hurt cases, 839 cases of burglary, 13130 cases of vehicle theft  and 875 cases of house theft in 2020.


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