TRIFED’s new project for Tribal Households

The TRIFED recently signed an agreement with The LINK Fund to work together towards tribal development. TRIFED is Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India

About the Agreement

  • Under the agreement, they will work towards tribal employment generation and development. This is to be achieved by providing support to the tribal in increasing value addition to their produce.
  • They will also create a women-centres that will promote innovation, infrastructure and entrepreneurship among tribal women.
  • Under the agreement TRIFED and LINK will work towards improving the skill training and crafts diversification.


  • LINK Fund is a philanthropic organisation that aims to end extreme poverty and mitigate the effects of Climate Change. It provides funds to meet the basic needs of the poorest population in the world. Their focus is mainly on India, US, Mali, Indonesia, Mali, Nigeria, Nepal, Mauritania and Senegal.
  • The fund addresses basic human needs such as education, food and nutrition, large scale infrastructure and women economic empowerment.

Recent developments

  • In April 2021, TRIFED launched the SANKLAP SE SIDHI. It is a hundred-day drive to activate the Van Dhan Vikas Kendras.
  • In April 2021, TRIFED launched the Tribes India contest.
  • In March, 2021, TRIFED announced that the Floriculture mission is to be implemented in twenty-one states.
  • It is building TRIFOOD parks. TRIFOOD Parks is a joint initiative between the Ministry of Tribal Affairs and Ministry of Food Processing. These parks procure raw materials from the tribal people, process them and help tribal farmers sell for better prices. TRIFED is providing training to the tribal farmer about processing their produce. This will help to increase their income by bringing better prices for their produce.




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