China Spy Balloon Update

The US military spotted a Chinese spy balloon near Alaska by the end of January 2023. The balloon was flying at an altitude of 60,000 feet and posed no threat to the US public. The balloon stopped in Montana. In the opinion of International relations expert, the stop is significant as the Malmstrom Air Force of the US military is here. It holds one of the three nuclear silos. The US began diplomatic talks with the Chinese officials as soon as the balloon was spotted. However, the talks failed to bring to a conclusion. Following this, the US military shot the balloon with its F-22 fighter jets. More than 1000 shots were fired.

About Spy Balloons

Spy balloons were used during world war II. They gave a bird’s eye view of the battlefield. It was first used during the French wars in 18th century. Unlike satellites that watch from higher altitudes, spy balloons can watch from lower altitudes. Also, the views of spy balloons are more clear and longer. Satellites, on the other hand, pass on quickly and cannot provide the visual for a longer time.

Current Scenario of the Chinese Spy balloon

The US military is now looking for the balloon in the Atlantic Ocean after shooting it down. US-China tensions have been escalating in recent times because of the restrictions imposed on the democratic activists in Hong Kong, and Taiwan, issues of the South China Sea, and human rights issues in the Xinjiang region.



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