Bihar: MV Ganga Vihar Floating Restaurant

Floating restaurants are built on large steel barges. The first floating restaurant of India was built in Sirhind of Punjab.  It was built in a small canal near a village. The Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation recently built MV Ganga Vihar, a floating restaurant at the NI Ghat. The restaurant is on the Ganges.


The State Government of Bihar has been taking initiatives to increase tourism in the state. There are beautiful and historic heritage sites in the state with huge tourism potential. This includes the Rajgir, Sasaram, and Bodh Gaya. Also, the state government is planning on launching a water sports event in the state. Today most of the Biharis visit Andaman and Nicobar and Goa to enjoy the thrill of water sports. The plan is to keep these tourists within the state.

Significance of Floating restaurants in India

The Indian restaurant industry has more than 1.5 million outlets. The industry is constantly increasing. Nightlife lovers, business travellers, and family travellers are potential customers. Disposable income is increasing in India and also educated middle class is increasing. The India Food Service Report says that the value of the Indian food industry is Rs 5,99,782 crores. The report was prepared by NRAI National Restaurant Authority of India.

Biggest Floating Restaurant in the world

Iconic Jumbo of Hong Kong is the biggest floating restaurant in the world. It is the south China sea. It belongs to the Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises. It suffered more than 12.4 million USD in losses during the pandemic.



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