Australia-India Centre for Energy (AICE)

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras and Australian Universities are collaborating to launch the Australia-India Centre for Energy (AICE) to work on the 2030 SDGs.

What is Australia-India Centre for Energy (AICE)?

  • The Australia-India Centre for Energy (AICE) is a virtual centre that will promote collaboration among universities, research institutes and industry from India and Australia in the energy domain.
  • It will be launched during the two-day Energy Summit 2022 that will be hosted by IIT Madras in December 2022.
  • The main objective of this centre is to deepen bilateral collaboration between India and Australia in the energy sector through transformative research, technology development and deployment.
  • It aims to become a leading bilateral platform on SDG 7 and other related SDGs for academics, industries and government agencies to engage in science, technology, economics, policy and governance.
  • The collaboration under the AICE will be led by IIT Madras and Deakin University in Australia. The two institutes will be coordinating and driving the engagement among the partners and external stakeholders.
  • The initiative will help promote collaboration between government entities, funding agencies and individual researchers in India and Australia.
  • The initial focus on the virtual centre will be on the development of joint education programmes, online MTech courses and capacity building. To achieve these goals, certification programmes, diploma programmes, extension centres and training initiatives will be launched.
  • The founding members will coordinate to create joint problem statements, use mobility grants and develop joint proposals for bilateral funding support.
  • The AICE will also seek to promote seamless research and development by identifying sister labs that have complementary research potential and infrastructure capacity.
  • It will also facilitate mobility of research faculty, Young International Fellows (YIF) and Global Research Fellows (GRF) between the two countries.
  • It will bring together multi-disciplinary capabilities from the two countries to address the challenges associated with global energy requirements.
  • It will also support partnerships with other centres in South Asia and ASEAN regions to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for global energy challenges.




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