Alexander Schellenberg appointed Austria’s new Chancellor

On October 11, 2021, Alexander Schellenberg was elected as Austrian Chancellor after resignation of Sebastian Kurz.


  • Sebastian Kurz resigned because of his involvement in a corruption scandal.
  • Apart from Alexander, Michael Linhardt joined in for the role of foreign minister. He was the former ambassador to France.
  • Appointment of both the persons helped in ending the crisis within the Austrian government, Austrian People’s Party and Green Party Coalition.

Investigation against Kurz

Investigation against Kurz was related to a poll and was commissioned by the Austrian Ministry of Finance, which supports the Austrian People’s Party and Kurz. As per investigators, misappropriation of funds from Ministry of Finance for conducting public opinion surveys is in the interest of party’s political progress. Publication of allegations in media group comes with more than 1.1 million euros for cooperation. However, allegations were denied by media group.  Kurz was accused for inciting bribery.

About Alexander Schallenberg

He is an Austrian diplomat, jurist and politician of Austrian People’s Party. He currently serves as the Chancellor of Austria. In the second Kurz government, he has served as Minister of Foreign Affairs. He is a member of the Schallenberg family. He is a graduate from College of Europe. He was a career diplomat & became a mentor to Sebastian Kurz when he became foreign minister. Kurz selected him as the director of strategic foreign policy planning as well as the head of European department.


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