4th India-Australia-Japan Trilateral Dialogue held in New Delhi

The 4th India-Australia-Japan Trilateral Dialogue was hosted by India in New Delhi. It was hosted by India’s Foreign Secretary Dr. S. Jaishankar, Australia’s Secretary of Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Frances Adamson and Japan’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Shinsuke J. Sugiyama

Key Highlights

The three sides highlighted the growing convergence of their respective countries’ interests in Indo-Pacific region. They underscored their shared commitment to peace, democracy, economic growth and rules-based order in region. They also underscored their support for ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) centrality in political and security architecture of Indo-Pacific region.
The three sides also stressed need for greater collaboration on maritime security and domain awareness and disaster response capabilities. They also renewed their resolve to fight scourge of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and stressed need for enhanced cooperation on counterterrorism.
They also deliberated on strengthening regional connectivity as well. They welcomed regular meetings of this important dialogue mechanism. The Japanese Vice Minister has proposed to host the next round of the dialogue in Tokyo, capital city of Japan.



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