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China recently named its first Mars exploration mission on its Space Day- as Tianwen-1. The mission is to be launched later this year. About the Mission Tianwen-1 is the first Mars exploration mission of China and it is to be launched later in 2020. The name ‘Tianwen’ means ‘questions to the heaven’- taken from a ..

Underwater Drones

The Indian Navy was put on high alert in light of several Chinese underwater drones detected in the Indian Ocean Region. The Issue Apart from deploying oceanic research vessels and hydrographic survey ships in the Indian Ocean Region, China has now taken to deploying underwater drones in the region. While such gliders are used for ..

Hanta Virus

A person died of Hanta Virus infection in China even while the world is struggling to find a cure for the SARS CoV 2. About the Virus They are a family of viruses transmitted through rodents. It is known as ‘New World Hanta Viruses’ in the American region while it’s called ‘Old World Hanta Viruses’ ..

Wildlife Consumption in China

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is believed to have originated in China’s wet markets which sell wildlife for consumption. This has raised questions about the safety and hygiene of such practices. China’s Biodiversity China is one of the mega-biodiversity countries. Its territory (constituting only 6.5% of the world’s territory) houses 10% of all the plant species ..

China takes over UNSC Presidency

China has recently taken over as the President of the UN Security Council for the month of March 2020. The Security Council was established by the UN Agreement to maintain international peace and security. The council has 15 members (5 permanent and 10 non-permanent members for two-year terms). The 15 members assume presidency every month ..

Efforts to control locust swarms

China is planning to send ducks to Pakistan to help deal with the onslaught of locust swarms. The infestation is reported to be the worst in 25 years. How is China planning to control locust infestation in Pakistan? China is planning to send 100,000 ducks to Pakistan to help with the locust infestation. These ducks ..

China’s Spring Festival marks the year of Rat

The Chinese New Year, which is popularly known as the Spring Festival in China recently fell on January 25, 2020. The festival falls on the beginning of Spring and the date of the festival is determined by the Lunar calendar. As per the Chinese astrology, this year marks the year of Rat. The celebrations of the new ..

India & China Jointly ranked 80th in the Corruption Perception Index

India has been ranked at the 80th rank among 180 countries and territories in the Corruption Perception Index (CPI), which is prepared by the non-profit organization Transparency International. India was ranked at the 78th place in the previous year’s ranking. The Corruption Perception Index was recently released during the Annual Meeting of the World Economic ..