2022 Templeton Prize

The 2022 Templeton Prize was awarded to Frank Wilczek, a theoretical physicist who had won the Nobel Prize, author, and professor at the Arizona State University. His works on nature’s fundamental laws have transformed the understanding of the forces that govern the universe. He has become the 6th Nobel laureate who has received the Templeton Prize.

In which year did Frank Wilczek win the Nobel Prize?

In the year 2004, he won the Nobel Prize in Physics along with H. David Politzer and David Gross. They won the prize for discovering asymptotic freedom in the strong interaction theory.

What are some important publications of Wilczek?

  • 2021- “Fundamentals: Ten Keys to Reality Fundamentals”
  • 2008- “The Lightness of Being”

What is the Templeton Prize?

This is an award given annually to a person who is living and whose meritorious achievements advance the philanthropic vision of Sir John Templeton which is to harness the power of science with the aim of understanding the deepest questions regarding the universe and humankind.

When was the Templeton Prize established?

In the year 1972. This prize was established, administered, and funded by John Templeton. Currently, this prize is co-funded by the John Templeton Foundation, Templeton World Charity Foundation, and Templeton Religion Trust. This prize is currently administered by the John Templeton Foundation. This prize was originally awarded to the people who are working in the area of religion but in the 1980s the field was expanded to include people working at the intersection of religion and science. The first recipient of the Templeton Prize was Mother Teresa in the year 1973.



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