What is ‘Operation Sajag’?

According to northwest district Delhi Police, number of police control room calls have decreased by 24 per cent, after the launch of ‘Operation Sajag’.

Key Facts

  • As per police, since the launch of operation, 8006 criminals and anti-social elements, including robbers and snatchers have been arrested.
  • Operation Sajag and other such effective policing methods implemented by police, have led to sharp decline in PCR calls by 24 per cent.
  • Preventive action has surged by 47 per cent.
  • Street crime has declined by 33 per cent.

Operation Sajag

The Operation Sajag was launched on October 4, 2021, with the objective of curbing the incidents of street crime. It was launched by northwest district Delhi Police The initiative involves area domination exercises, intensive checking at pickets and special combings. Under this operation, patrolling was also enhanced by adding more patrol bikes in the area to control street crimes and apprehending criminals. The operation mainly focuses on detection of source of fire-arms, illicit liquor, drugs, and stolen property.

Focus areas under the operation

The operation sajag focuses on dark and vulnerable stretches and highways namely, Ring Road, Inner Ring Road and GT Karnal Road. It also focuses on slum and cluster areas, along the railway lines, parks, market places, malls etc.

Strategies adopted under the operation

The strategies adopted under this operation include:

  1. Comprehensive highway patrolling with special focus on night patrolling
  2. Foot and group patrolling
  3. Dynamic deployment with focus on specific areas
  4. GPS-monitored vehicle patrolling
  5. Installation of area domination booths
  6. Permanent and surprise picketing
  7. Outcome-oriented tasking of picket and
  8. Patrolling staff.



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