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Quiz 52: General Knowledge for All Examinations

123456789 1). Which among the following is First Indian Special Economic Zone(SEZ)?  Visakhapatnam SEZ Kandla SEZ Noida Special Economic Zone Cochin SEZ 2).  What is the Length of Coast line of India including the cost ..

Quiz 51: Basic GK Objective Questions

12345678910 1). Who is the founder of Wikipedia? Peer Schneider Byron Looper Rickard Eriksson Jimmy wales 2). Which range does Indus river originates from? Rohtang pass Himalayas South eastern part of Kashmir Northern slopes of ..

Quiz 50 : Basic General Knowledge →Indian Polity for CLAT exams

12345678910 1). What is the number of Schedules in Constitution of India? 8 10 11 12 2). In which year, parliament passed the Citizenship Act? 1950 1955 1960 1965 3). Which among the following articles ..

Quiz 49: Basic General Knowledge →Indian History

12345678910 1). Who wrote Communist Manifesto? Friedrich Engels Karl Marx Leonid Gatovsky Vladimir Lenin 2). Who among the following has written the famous Bangla book “Agni Vina”? Rabindra Nath Tagore Kazi Nazrul Islam Bankim Chandra ..

Quiz 48 : General Knowledge →World Geography

12345678910 1). Which volcano is called the “light pillar of Mediterranean sea”? Mount Barbaro Mount Etna Strombli Mount Vesuvius 2). What is the average density of earth in g/cm3? 5.515 4.415 4.515 6.515 3). In ..