World Wetlands Day, 2023

Wetlands support a wide range of biodiversity and help to maintain natural cycles. They replenish water resources and protect coastlines. They account for 4.7% of the Indian Geographical area. Today 30% of the Indian wetlands have been lost. And 35% of wetlands have been lost at the world level. To create awareness about the importance of wetlands and protect them from degrading, the UN and other international organizations celebrate World Wetlands Day.

The theme of 2023 World Wetlands Day

It is Time for Wetlands Restoration

Major causes of wetland degradation

Population growth is the primary cause of wetlands degradation. The natural factors that cause wetland degradation are erosion and land subsidence.

History of World Wetlands Day

The proposal for marking World Wetlands Day was made in 1997. However, the resolution was passed in 2021 and the first world wetlands day was celebrated in 2021.

Five Major Types of Wetlands

  • Estuarine: Area where the freshwater river meets the ocean
  • Marine: These wetlands are on the coastlines and are the most productive and most threatened
  • Lacustrine: These wetlands are found near the lakes
  • Palustrine: Found in a marshy environment. They are common in the mouth of rivers and delta regions
  • Riverine: Found near rivers or riverbanks



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