Phase 1 of Bihar caste – based survey completed

The Government of Bihar planned to create a record of castes and communities residing in the state. For this, the Chief Minister of the State Nitish Kumar launched a survey on January 7, 2023. Recently, the state government completed the first phase of the survey. The entire survey is to be completed by May 2023.

What was done during Phase I?

The officers counted and recorded the number of households in the state. Teachers, government servants, and agricultural coordinators collected the information. They surveyed more than 2.58 crores of households. The first phase of the survey was conducted in both rural and urban areas. It covered more than 12.7 crore population of the state.

Future plans

The second phase of the survey is to start in April 2023. During the second phase, the officers will gather information on socio – the economic profile of the members of the household. Also, they will collect information about the caste and their exposure to government schemes.

Why is the survey conducted?

The State Government aims to provide better services to the socially backward classes. The current ruling government is mainly supported by the socially backward classes and therefore this decision. By learning the status of the backward classes and the weaker sections, the Government will launch welfare schemes. The current CM Nitish Kumar belongs to the Janata Dal political party.



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