Jharkhand’s First Survey of Migrants

Around 8.5 lakh migrants returned to their home state, Jharkhand, during the COVID crisis. To help these migrants with a good livelihood, the State Government of Jharkhand started the State and Responsible Migration Initiative in 2021. Creating a robust database of the migrants in the state is a part of this initiative. To achieve this, the Jharkhand Government recently launched the first survey of Migrants. Jharkhand is not the only state to launch such states. Several other states like Tamil Nadu and Punjab had already launched such surveys.

About the Survey

  • The survey is to be conducted in 24 districts. Officers will knock on the doors of 11,000 households to take the survey
  • The survey outputs will be used to create a state-level policy
  • The survey will also help the State in identifying the cause of migration. Why the Jharkhand people are leaving the state?
  • The survey will find out the factors influencing migration in the state
  • During the survey, the officers will talk to community leaders to get a greater insight into the problem
  • The survey has blocks of questions to understand and decipher the issue. They are household characteristics, incoming migrants, outgoing migrants, quality of life of migrants, understanding the mindset of migrants, etc.
  • The survey will also collect details on the nature of work the migrants are expecting and what is the role of women in the household and in the earnings.



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