World Obesity Atlas 2023

The World Obesity Federation has released a report “World Obesity Atlas 2023”. This report predicted a significant increase in obesity rates among children and adults in Africa, with a rise of 14% from 5% in child obesity rates and 31% from 18% in adult women by 2035. The report also warned that over half the world’s population could be overweight or obese by 2035, with childhood obesity predicted to more than double.

What is the report saying?

The highest increases in obesity rates were found in low- and lower-middle-income countries in Africa and Asia. The report called for urgent and coordinated action to prevent and treat obesity and support those affected.

World Obesity Day

World Obesity Day is observed every year on March 4th. This year, the awareness-creating event was organized on the theme of “Changing Perspectives: Let’s Talk About Obesity.”

World Obesity Federation

The organization represents national and regional institutes that are studying obesity. It was formed in 2014. The organization received support from International Congress on Obesity. The main objective of the federation is to reduce obesity rates in the world.

Need for actions against obesity

Adult obesity increases the medical cost of the person by $1,861. Severe obesity adds additional costs of $3,097 per adult. According to the World Obesity Foundation, the total cost of obesity will be 3.3% of the GDP by 2060.

Obesity in India

According to the National Family Health Survey – 4, obesity in the country doubled within ten years.

Who are obese?

According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, people with a Body Mass Index of 25 kg more than 25 kg per square metre are obese. Around 30% of the population in the state of AP, Andaman, and Sikkim are obese. In the states of Bihar, Meghalaya, MP, West Bengal, and Tripura, obesity has been doubling.



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