World Day of Social Justice 2023

Social justice provides equal social, political, and economic opportunities for all. The World Day of Social Justice is celebrated by the United Nations and several other international organizations on February 20. The main objective of observing world social justice day is to spread awareness of the relationship between poverty eradication and social justice. The day also focuses on decent work for labourers. For instance, manual scavenging is not decent work. The day insists on removing such practices. The International Labor Organization also celebrates the day with different themes.

World Day of Social Justice 2023

In 2023, the day focuses on building trust in world governments. With COVID, the Russian-Ukraine war, and climate change-related disasters, the normal lives of the people were disrupted. Also, with increasing inflation, unemployment, lack of food security, and food scarcity; people lost their trust in governments. Therefore, there is a need to strengthen the social system that is in a fractured state today.

The theme of World Day of Social Justice 2023

Overcoming Barriers and Unleashing Opportunities for Social Justice

Focus of 2023 World Day of Social Justice

In 2023, the UN is to focus on the workers. Today, many labourers did not receive their pre-pandemic incomes. An increase in commodity prices has affected small businesses. Therefore, it is essential to increase investments, especially in the green economy.



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