North India First Nuclear Plant

The Union Minister for Science and Technology recently announced that a new nuclear plant is to be built in Gorakhpur, Haryana. This will be the first nuclear plant in North India. The plant is to be built on 560 hectares of land. It will generate 2800 MW. The foundation stone was laid in 2014. However, construction is just beginning. The first phase is to be complete by 2025 and the second phase is by 2028. As the second phase completes the plant will be in full operation generating 2800 MW.

Who is constructing the plant?

National Power Corporation of India Limited. This Public Sector Unit is responsible for all the nuclear power plants in the country.

Why the delay?

Land Acquisition issues. Owners of the land, where the plant is to be built refused to vacate. To them, the compensation provided by the GoI to vacate the land was insufficient. Due to the delay, the GoI was facing financial losses of Rs 7 crore to Rs 8 crore per day.

Cost of the project

The project is to be built at an estimated cost of Rs 20,594 crores. This cost estimation was done in 2014. With increasing inflation, the cost would have now increased.

Zones in India:
NORTH INDIA: HP, Punjab, UP, and Haryana
SOUTH INDIA: AP, Karnataka, TN, Kerala
EAST INDIA: Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, WB
WEST INDIA: Rajasthan, Goa, Gujarat
CENTRAL INDIA: MP, Chhattisgarharh



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