US forces take on Al-Shabaab in Somalia

United States had declared Al-Shabaab to be a terrorist outfit which is linked to al-Qaeda. It has been targeting the leaders of the group in 2013.
In a recent event, taking control of eroding situation, US forces conducted special raids on the Al-Shabaab militants forcing them to flee. Somali National Army also supported the US and stated to have faced least resistance from the fighters. African Union Mission had announced that the forces had freed many key towns from the terrorist strong hold in the Middle Shabelle and Hiiran regions.
The recent developments are a befitting response to militants who had disguised themselves as government military forces had approached the gates of a high security prison said to be housing hundreds of Al-Shabaab fighters. They had blown-off a powerful car bomb at the gates of the prison and fired their way inside the premisis. The assault on National Intelligence and Security Agency prison had resulted in death of 3 security guards and 2 civilians. Another 15 were injured in the fight. The incidence had caught the national and international attention as the prison which is underground is very close to the Somali Presidential Palace in Mogadishu.
Al-Shabaab is aiming to convert Somalia into an Islamic state on strict fundamental principles. It has conducted raids in other countries as well. The group claimed responsibility for the siege of the Westgate mall in Nairobi last September 21 that killed at least 67 people.



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