UIDAI’s 10-year success-The State of Aadhaar Report

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the statutory body established in January 2009 under the Ministry of Electronics and Information is solely responsible for providing AADHAR cards. Aadhaar even after 10 years is the world’s largest bio metric ID system in the world


In 2009, nearly 5 million births were unregistered. However, today the body has made Aadhar huge success with 95% of adults holding the identity card today. Aadhaar collects only four personal information, that includes, name, gender, age and address along with biometric data of thumb impression, retinal scan and facial recognition.


Aadhaar had improved the reliability of government welfare programmes. According to the State of Aadhaar report, 2019, Aadhaar has been the first identity document for around 65-70 million individuals. This benefitted them in opening bank accounts, accessing food rations, mobile phone services, etc.

The report also stated that 80% of participants felt that Aadhaar improved the reach of government schemes and services faster. Only 34% of Indians are yet to link their Aadhaar in the fear of losing the services.

State of Aadhaar report surveyed 1,70,000 individuals. The initiative was started 3 years ago by IDinsight and Omidyar Network of India.


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