Turkey considering war on ISIS

Britain has finally made its entry against ISIS and has done its first round of shelling of some key targets of ISIS. The coalition against the group has grown day by day. The airstrikes have claimed to hit the strategic targets of the group. There were reports of casualties in the ISIS cadres as the coalition forces upped their ante against the group. The next entrant to the coalition could be Turkey whose border is now only 100 kms away from the latest occupied territory of ISIS. The terror outfit has stood firm against the airstrikes and doesn’t seem to be moved much. There was no grave assault on the ISIS basic structures as they have advanced fearlessly in Syria to acquire newer areas and have now reached places in close proximity to the Turkish border.
The ISIS whose strategy is to move in huge numbers, terrorise the local populations with large-scale massacres and then take over the control of the administrative machinery is quite chilling and has sent shock waves around the world. The airstrikes which function on the basis of information sent from radars have no hit them hard as they were prepared for the same much before and had already set their camps and positions from among the civilian populations and areas.
Turkish forces have said to take positions along side the Syrian border with a huge deployment of tanks and soldiers. The lawmakers at Turkey are seeking a formal authorisation from the Parliament to take broad-based military action against the ISIS. The government in Turkey will hold special sessions and are expected to debate the possibility of joining the coalition.
“It’s actually an important moment where so many countries from so many different backgrounds share that view (that ISIS poses a threat to the region), that this is an opportunity to create partnership across those lines of effort that would achieve real effect. The countries who have joined are struggling to define their roles in the offensive,” said John R. Allen, the retired US Marine cop while talking to media.




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