Tristan da Cunha becomes the largest Marine Protection Zone of Atlantic Ocean

The isolated UK overseas territory of Tristan da Cunha was declared the largest fully protected Marine reserve of Atlantic Ocean. This will prohibit sand extraction, bottom trawling fishing and deep-sea mining in more than 90% of waters of the territory. It includes 687,000 square kilo metres of water in the Atlantic ocean.


UK is on the track of bringing 30% of world ocean under protected zone by 2030. The marine waters of Tristan da Cunha has been declared a protected zone in order to achieve this goal.

About Tristan da Cunha?

It is a small chain of islands inhabited by less than 300 humans. It is located at 6,000 miles from London in the South Atlantic Ocean. The waters around the island are the richest in the world. It is home to tens of millions of seabirds, unique land birds. There are two endangered species and five endangered species in the island. The island is also home to World Heritage sites such as Gough and Inaccessible Islands. These islands are the most important seabird islands of the world. The island will become largest no-take zone in the Atlantic Ocean after joining Blue Belt programme of UK.

Blue Belt Programme

The programme protects the overseas territories of the country. It aims to achieve sustainable management of their marine environment. It was launched in 2017. It includes British Antarctic Territories and British Indian Ocean Territories as well. However, in accordance to Antarctic treaty, the claims over the region has been suspended.

British Indian Ocean Territories

The British Indian Ocean Territories lies 500 miles south of Maldives. It consists of five low-lying coral atolls.

Antarctic Treaty

The human activities in Antarctic are regulated by Antarctic Treaty that was signed in 1960. Around 54 countries signed the treaty. The treaty sets Antarctica as a scientific preserve and bans military activity in the continent.


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