Tri Services Amphibious Exercise, AMPHEX 2023

All three defense forces of India, the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force participated in AMPHEX recently. AMPHEX is a tri-service exercise and was held in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. Also, it is an amphibious exercise, meaning both land and sea forces will act together simultaneously. The 2023 AMPHEX is the largest of all the AMPHEX exercises held so far. The government of India is increasing its defense power and is keen on exhibiting its strength to the world. This way it can pass indirect messages to troublemakers. Also, through the exercise, the GoI strives to earn the trust of its citizens. The public shall feel safe and secure when they learn about the capabilities of their defense forces. PRALAY To be held along the Line of Actual Control is just similar AMPHEX and will keep Chinese infiltrations under control. The government is planning to hold PRALAY on a massive scale.

About AMPHEX 2023

  • Several Amphibious ships participated in the exercise. INS Jalashwa. INS Airavat, INS Shardul, and INS Gharial are some of the amphibious ships of the Indian Navy. Amphibious ships do not mean they can run on land and water. Amphibious ships are those ships that aid the land forces during an operation
  • More than 900 troops participated in the exercise. This included artillery forces, special forces, and armored vehicles



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