Wildlife conservation: GK, General Studies and Current Affairs

National Wildlife Week, 2020

Every year National Wildlife Week is celebrated in India between October 2nd and October 8th. It is being celebrated since 1954. The main objective of celebrating the day is to save the lives of Indian animals by taking critical steps. The week is celebrated under the following theme Theme: RoaR (Roar and Revive) – Exploring ..

India’s Tiger Census sets World Record: Largest Ever Camera Trap Survey in the world

On July 11, 2020, India set the world record of conducting largest ever camera trap survey in the world. Highlights The fourth edition of tiger census that was carried out in 2018-19 was the most comprehensive till date. The survey has hence been included in the Guinness Book of World Record. About the Census The ..

Blackbuck Poaching in Bihar

The recent arrest of a policeman in Bihar for poaching a blackbuck is another addition to the rising number of illegal poaching amidst the countrywide lockdown condition. Blackbuck The blackbuck or the Indian antelope is an antelope species noted for its soft two-toned black coat and the long twisted horns. They are said to be ..

‘Longleng’ the Amur Falcon returns to India

A female amur falcon, named Longleng, has returned to India from Somalia en route to the breeding grounds in northern China. Amur Falcon Amur falcons are members of the falcon family and are known by the scientific name of Falco amurensis. They are known for their long migratory routes stretching from eastern Siberia and northern ..

Wild Canids suggested as Flag-bearers to expand Conservation Enterprise

Conservationists are highlighting the need for conservation of wild canid species in India and how they can be ‘flag-bearers’ for India’s conservation enterprise. Wild Canids in India India has 23% of world’s terrestrial carnivore species. It has 8 species of wild canids: dhole, golden jackal, Indian wolf, Tibetan wolf, red fox, Indian fox, Tibetan fox ..